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Can you do one of Stitch fighting Sonic next?

AnUnfortunateSnuggle responds:

That would be a cool match-up to see... This one still has a months to go until it's finished but it' definitely a possibility!

Yo, This is too funny for my taste!

Yo, did Pikachu just seriously do the Kamehameha?! Yo you know that move belong to Goku right? But then again, some other people are also trying to have it down packed too. But still though the Kamehameha?! Why not Vegeta's Big-Bang Attack or something?

RetroSleep responds:

If you want me to get logical about, The Kamehameha belongs to Master Roshi. Goku learned it just by watching Roshi do it once. Every other character also knows the kamehameha wave, while Vegeta is the only person who knows the big bang attack.

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Fun, but was a bit too easy for me.
I mean, yeah sure I beat Eggman at only 5 life points and used my regular attack at the end but so what.
It was fun is all I can say.

Pretty good, pretty good.
I'll play this some more in the near future.
Good job fam.

Sorry fam, better luck in the next game.

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Sorry but, I'm a FOB fan so... Why hate on Emos, especially Fall Out Boy huh? Nice beats though.

It sorta reminded me of a Song I once wrote back when my Grandmother Died back in 2012, I was so sad about that that I HAD to play Piano and THIS tune popped up in my head since. Right now I DON't have a Piano at this point (not till I buy one that is) but I've been playing me some real mean Piano back when I was a kid, probably back when I was like-- a good 5 or 6 years old and gotten pretty good at it over the years and I'm 22 right now goin' on 23 and still remember playing a tune a little similar to this almost. Maybe it was the Stylings of it I guess, but above all, thanks for the memories mefriend. From a Pianist to a Pianist.

;-)This... This is so BEAUTIFUL... So WONDERFUL... :-)May I use this please? ^-^I've been trying to make another Love-Song for my Girlfriend but when I have stumbled onto this it really touched me inside.

Bosa responds:

Go ahead.

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Po looks a little... Fit in the fitness area for some reason... Now THAT's how a Dragon Warrior SUPPOSED to look, NICE work!

I've been on the web for at least a year or so, but I'm kind of a Mix Artist at some point... But others try to kill me just for being gifted and talented but SO THE FUCK WHAT!!!! I just wanna tell about my life in my songs and make new Video Games here.

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